THE TREE AMIGOS-  EPA, DHA, ALA -- 04/30/2012

It’s getting personal.  I ran into an old friend, an old neighbor, and found out that a mutual friend in his mid fifties died suddenly and unexpectantly of a stroke last year.  I can still picture the last time I saw him, which was about that long ago… his fit and trim form, talking about how proud he was of his kids and happy with a great job. He certainly didn’t look like a potential stroke victim, but then again, what does one look like?

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“B” Energized! -- 04/26/2012

I could easily be a vegetarian, but I cook for some hard core carnivores so red meat once or twice a week is my compromise. It’s not usually my favorite night for dinner, but I didn’t remember how good the Rubbed Steak with Polenta was until I tried it again this year. It’s so good and simple to make that I’m going to make it for dinner guests next time!  This week enchiladas sounded really good so I entered “enchiladas” in the search bar on the recipe page and then picked one of the recipes that came up so I could improve and include it in the weekly menu.  I ended up making some improvements to the Easy Beef and Kale Enchiladas that I hope you will like, one of them being the option to use chicken. I’ve been wondering also how to avoid buying $3.69 boxes of organic chicken broth and was so excited to try something new.

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Cutting Board Blues -- 04/20/2012

One of the Orange Tree taste testers is loathe to clean their room. I’m sure your kids keep their personal space neat and tidy, but this one of mine has a room that looks like the drier exploded right in the middle of the floor…always.  Trust me I’ve tried it all, especially the nagging. In all honesty, that same feeling I get when nagging about the mess is something I feel sometimes when writing about nutrition. We all want a beautiful, organized and well synchronized body, but its that darned cleaning up that takes more effort than we care to give most days. So forgive me if I ever make you feel like sloppy teenagers by constantly bringing up the “needs” we all have to change what we eat, but I want that room clean, and we all want great health!

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The “Bean Balance” -- 04/12/2012

A very hungry hunter has his bow pulled back tightly. He focuses on his target with narrowed eyes and adrenaline courses through his veins making his heart beat rapidly.  Did you see a scenario like this on the way home from work, or the grocery store today?  Of course not!  Modern food hunting is more like stopping to ask, “Can you tell me where to find fresh meat?” while pushing our slippery wheeled carts along slick floors. 

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