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To the Rescue of an Old Friend -- 05/25/2012

I’ve been surprised by how much I don’t want to say anything bad about my dear old friend Sugar. Come to think of it, no one else has been at all 46 or my birthday parties, and then all the other milestones of life too like baby showers, graduations or anniversaries. At my wedding reception I had her elegantly adorned with fresh flowers and set up at her own table because she makes everything so much more fun. I have warm memories of other sweet times together, like eating an old fashioned donut after a miserable night in a wet sleeping bag, or the joy of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone with my kids after a long motorcycle ride.  She’s earned a special place in my heart because of all the happy memories we share.  So how can I find fault?

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Robe, Slippers, Go! -- 05/17/2012

My eyes flew open before the alarm this morning because I had “so much to do” in so little time; robe and slippers, plug the waffle maker in for birthday waffles, chicken and mustard out for sandwiches, clean a few dishes,  inhale food, birthday kisses, oops I’m giving you a ride to school I forgot, teeth, hair, face, clothes, clutching jewelry in one hand and a cup of water in the other while running to the car…what a relief to finally pull into the employee parking lot! Do you ever have mornings like that? I thought so. No matter how busy, there is one thing I almost NEVER do, and that is skip breakfast.

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131% Status Symbol -- 05/12/2012

Let’s play a guessing game. There is a fruit dripping with the sweetest tasting of all anti-oxidants. In days past a sailor returned safely home would place this fruit on the front porch as a symbol of welcome and celebration. Fashionable hostesses would serve this exotic fruit or display it prominently as a kind of status symbol, and eventually its form worked its way into the decorative carvings on furniture or in fabric designs.  Any ideas?  The best part about it is that 1 cup provides 131% of the vitamin C you will need for the whole day. (1)  The free radicals which damage cellular DNA, causing cancerous tumors and premature aging now start to run for their lives, and all the while you just sit there chewing with a smile on your face because this fruit is better than any sweet treat around!

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Straw Woman -- 05/03/2012

She was suddenly just there in the gray morning mist, moving down the sidewalk pushing a wiry cart in front of her and dragging an uncooperative foot behind her.  One glance showed that she was a middle-aged woman like me, but in a state of dry and twisted disrepair. Her body was like pieces of straw tightly bound together for arms and legs, and the gray morning had worked its way into the skin of her toothless, concave face.  The brokenness of her life seemed to dictate the fragmented rhythm off her movements; the neck jerking her head about like a chicken pecking at scratch, arms and knees pummeling the air with and exertion completely unnecessary for a slow morning walk.

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Question on the Chewy Protein Bar Cookies: my packet of stevia is 1 g, not 1 oz. Could you check? I made them with 1 g packet.

By Charleen on 2012 05 27

I will check to see if I have any right now in the cupboard and let you know! Were your’s sweet enough?

By molly on 2012 05 30

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