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Why Do You Eat What You Do? -- 04/03/2010

I remember feeling loved by my mother when she took down the cake she had made for dessert from the top of the refrigerator.  (And without thinking I will sometimes still reach for a sweet when I want a burst of happiness.)  Everyone knows that eating can be a lot of fun!  When I went away to college, I fainted during the first week because I was so excited I just skipped eating.  I quickly found the popular places to buy cheap, filling food that would give me the energy I needed for student life.  I ran a lot then, but when I had children and couldn’t run so much I had to start thinking more about what went into my mouth so that I wouldn’t gain weight.

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Molly I think it works great.  Your brother did a wonderful job.  Easy to get around and find everything. Our prayers are with you.  I will tell my kids about it.  Alexis

By alexis on 2010 09 12

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