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Shrek and Butter? -- 09/25/2010

What do onions, avocado, broccoli, bananas, and pineapple have in common? Think, think, think; picture their color, texture, shape.  If you can picture that group, then I have just tricked you into memorizing some of the best non-organic items to buy if you are on a tight budget because they collect the smallest amount of toxic residue from chemicals and fertilizers. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to get Starbucks less often and spend a little more buying some organic food.  Where is the best “organic” value for you dollar?  You might be surprised to know that the choice of some experts is not even a fruit or vegetable. 

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Interesting, heart disease was almost non existent a hundred years ago, but now it claims so many. Good for butter!

By The Big Hungry on 2010 10 02

1910 butter consumption high, heart disease low.  2010 butter consumption low, heart disease high. The point is they may not be connected.

By molly on 2010 10 03

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