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Half the Plate, Feel Great -- 10/29/2010

I’m going to be perfectly fair here; no exaggerating to make a point, no casting things in the most negative light for the sake of drama. But there is a proverbial “elephant in the room” that we just have to address head on.  What did you eat yesterday? Can’t remember, well I can’t either so let’s just imagine what A.A. (Average American) would eat in a day. (This is where the fairness comes in.)  BREAKFAST:  bowl of cereal,  about ½ banana cut up on top,  8 oz. of orange juice… 

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Beans for Your Heart -- 10/27/2010

Remember Lord Fiber from Week 6?  I wonder if you’ve asked him back into your life. We learned that fiber protects our system from needing to make too much insulin at once, which protects us from diabetes. Unfortunately, most Americans are getting only half of the fiber they need.  Most Americans are also dying from heart disease more than any other cause. “Coronary Artery Disease is the most common type of heart disease. It’s the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women.” (1)  Is there a connection?  Can fiber help here too?

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O.K. for Bones -- 10/18/2010

“O” stands for a protein called osteocalcin, and “K” stands for vitamin K.  Protein O’s job it is to build the frames that calcium fills, and this is our bone mass.  But protein O is completely dependent upon Vitamin K in order to do its work, and so there you have it,  Team O.K.  You don’t have to worry about protein O because it is readily available, but vitamin K must be consumed in order to be adequately present in the body.

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Lord Fiber -- 10/05/2010

Have you ever been so excited about sharing something that you have to hold yourself back from just blurting it out?  Don’t laugh at me, but that is how I feel about the health benefits of eating fiber.  You know I promised to give you information about nutrition in small, manageable bites because let’s face it, you’re busy.  So if I tell you 10 great things about fiber right now, you might be able to almost, maybe, part way remember one.

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Hello! -- 10/01/2010

I’m Molly, the test cook and research specialist for Orange Tree Lane. The connection between healthy eating and feeling good has always been clear to me. For instance, while others ate take out pizza in college I was making 10 ingredient salads for dinner.  Now my friends bring junk food to my house when they come over, and my three teenagers get teased at school for their unusual lunches, but I press on despite adversity!

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