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Better Than Science Fiction -- 11/29/2010

NASA thinks they may have discovered an alien life form at Mono Lake.  Our imagination would love for it to be an adorable E.T. like creature who crash landed his spaceship there, but it isn’t so.  Actually, it’s a bacteria that seems to thrive with arsenic when all other forms of life do the opposite. (1)  We’ve been looking for aliens outside of our planet, but is life that plays according to different rules right here among us, in our grocery stores?

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Teeny, Tiny Blocks -- 11/22/2010

A friend of our family came to dinner one time when the kids were small and proceeded to build a magnificent parking structure with the large sized lego blocks he found strewn on the floor in the family room.  For some reason a picture of him with this masterpiece on his lap and a huge smile on his face is forever burned in my memory. 

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Thanks and Cardiac Coherence -- 11/15/2010

Kids are so funny. I once told my now grown son that I was going to an open house at his preschool.  A few years later in first grade, when he was more a man of the world, he laughed while telling me, “When I was in preschool I thought an open house meant they opened all the doors and windows at school, and I could never figure out why the parents would go to see that.”  Two people thinking different things about the same words…and then there are words that have two different meanings.  Like the chemist who told a waitress, “I think I’ll just have some H2O.  His companion followed suit with, “I think I’ll have some H2O too” Of course he died after drinking his because H2O2 is actually poisonous hydrochloride. You see, one statement can mean two things.  Here’s another one for you…

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D-ficient -- 11/05/2010

Oh life can seem so complicated.  If you have kids or daily contact with other human beings, then you probably know what I’m talking about. (smile)  Nutrition, eating right, getting all you need to thrive…this too can start to feel complicated.  Have you ever had a mess to clean up?  That’s like the complication.  In that situation I tend to immediately break things down into smaller segments.  “I’ll take all the silverware and soak them in water here while I go and collect all of the plates and pile them up here.”  That’s what this Weekly Special is all about;  collecting the silverware, or breaking information about nutrition down into small segments so that it’s not overwhelming. 

This week I want to focus on something really happy and bright,

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