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Flattening Obstacles One by One -- 12/30/2010

A new year means a new start.  You get one every morning, but something about starting over with a new collection of 365 days is more compelling. Making new year’s resolutions has never changed my life as far as I can remember, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t stop to reflect. It seems like with eating well I have to make new resolutions on a regular basis because the temptations to skip the effort and just indulge in what surrounds me is very powerful.

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Beans Again, and Again -- 12/24/2010

You will never hear me stop talking about beans.  I am a rather new bean convert because they are so absolutely amazing and I discovered their value later in life.  What I like best is the super high fiber content, good protein amount( and coupled with a whole grain, a saturated fat free complete protein source), outstanding vitamin and mineral content, versatility, taste, and dirt cheap price tag. No wonder so many people in this world live off of beans as a main staple of their diet.  In fact, I have actually eaten beans in Africa, over and over again many times accompanied by fried bananas and rice.  So what keeps us from having more beans in our diets than we do?

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Complex Carbs, Simple Life -- 12/16/2010

Grocery shopping with three diaper aged children is…where is the word for it?  I distinctly remember putting the car in park and lacking the energy to get out.  What is it for you that zaps your energy? Christmas shopping?  Juggling work outside and inside your home?  I was shopping yesterday when I started to feel like my stores of energy had been uncorked and were almost gone; and there wasn’t even anyone with diapers in my shopping cart!

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Reflections -- 12/08/2010

If you are reading this, you are truly dedicated to the pursuit of understanding nutrition because I know there are MANY other things you could be doing right now. Even if you aren’t reading this,( ?), I want to say don’t feel bad because I completely understand.  For those of you who are reflecting with me, have you ever stopped to wonder what motivates you to make the decisions you do about eating?  My own have changed as my life has changed. I started off eating the way I was raised, then whatever was easiest to throw together, and eventually started pursuing more specialized food that delighted my taste buds.  I’m pretty sure that before I started to take things more seriously, motivation wobbled and morphed between these three in different seasons. But now I eat to thrive.

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