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Table Leg #4- Organic Food -- 01/24/2011

The other day I ran 2.5 miles around a small lake.  Even though I had to walk on the last stretch because it was straight uphill, I felt invigorated and proud of myself.  Next I would like to tie 70 people in row boats together and tow them across a bay.  Ok not really. That is what workout and nutrition pioneer Jack LaLanne did on his 70th birthday… while handcuffed and with shackled feet.!  Apparently he was bedridden, miserable and sick as a teenager .“I also had blinding headaches every day,” Jack recalled. “I wanted to escape my body because I could hardly stand the pain. My life appeared hopeless.” (1)  It was his good fortune to consult with pioneer nutritionist Paul Bragg, who taught Jack to “junk” the junk food which was what he ate exclusively. Jack in turn passed this life giving advice on to millions through his television programs.

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Walking on thin Ice -- 01/18/2011

A little girl on Long Island in New York was walking on thin ice chasing a little puppy who got away.  It became too thin to support her weight and only her screams heard by someone in a home nearby saved her life.  A brave NYC cop named Matthew crawled on his stomach to get her, and a fireman scooped up the errant puppy. (1) So what does this have to do with carrots, and cabbage and such?  You might say that many of us are walking on thin ice in regards to our fruit and vegetable consumption.  You might feel safe enough, but what is holding you up, or what is keeping the health you now enjoy from being compromised in the future?  The “ice” beneath your feet may be thinner than you realize.  Are you chasing puppies and not paying attention?

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Table Leg #2- Fiber -- 01/13/2011

Ever played that game, “If you were deserted on an island, what would you bring?”  Personally, I’d bring a SAT phone and the game would be all over.  If I was Kate or Jack on the TV show LOST I might not need to eat food while waiting to be rescued, but I sure would need to refill my water bottle.  The essential nature of water is why it was chosen to be Orange Tree Lane Table Leg #1.  Let’s play our own version of “lost on a deserted island”, where instead of bringing a few things you can only make four diet changes.  Hopefully you would choose drinking more water.  Can I suggest another change? 

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Table Leg #1- Water -- 01/06/2011

Tables need four legs to support whatever meals you lay on the table top.  I feel the same way about a few important elements in the food and nutrition universe;  water, fiber, fruits and vegetables, and organic food.  I am not trying to say they are the most “important”.  Rather, they may posses the greatest potential for making a positive impact on the American diet because we are deficient in these areas. Let’s start with the element that makes up 60-80% of our body; water.  So why should we be concerned about our water intake?

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