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Up from the Grave in Sago -- 02/26/2011

A sudden explosion and warm air, dirt and rock blow into the face of a groggy miner being transported to his station early in the morning in January of 2006.  An earlier group is trapped farther down, but lethal carbon monoxide levels turn back a first rescue attempt.  Twelve frightened men wait in the dark 2 miles down, sharing life-giving oxygen from eight emergency tanks, hoping.  Hours later families up above are told they are still alive. They clear the church and roll out the red carpet to welcome their beloved husbands, sons, brothers.  But the men below understand what has happened to them much better, and they are preparing for a different homecoming.

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Lots of Fruity Flavors -- 02/23/2011

You may have already heard the amazing story of Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world.  He went incognito down into a New York subway and played some of the world’s most intricate pieces of music on a 3.5 million dollar violin for 45 minutes straight.  Whereas the night before he had played the same music to a sellout crowd at $100 a seat, this crowd barely noticed he was there because they were so busy hurrying to catch their trains.A few children tried to stop…

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ChaCha Knows about Omega-3 -- 02/17/2011

I was careening down the highway with my high school son in the passenger’s seat yesterday. To entertain ourselves on a longish drive we decided to ask ChaCha some questions.  That’s right, will answer any question for free.  What is the molecular formula for propane? What does the pagan symbol the green man mean?
 Who is Katy Perry dating?  It was quite entertaining, especially trying to think of funny questions like, “Would you like to hang out sometime.”  Apparently my son had already tried that one.  You’ll never guess the question I suggested that shut the whole game down and put my son right to sleep with a pillow smashed up against the glass

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Now We’re Talking -- 02/10/2011

It’s great to be healthy and all, but have you ever wondered why you want to go to all the trouble to live a long time? Knowing why you want to be healthy is a fantastic motivator to make the effort. You need a purpose for being here and for being here well.

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John and Susan Communicate -- 02/01/2011

“John and Susan” were married for 34 years when they went to see a marriage counselor.  Once there, the conversation went something like this. “Every day I come home from work I start dinner, or finish it, vacuum and then fold laundry for you. How could you not feel loved? I would love to have a wife who did things like this for me. ” “But I just want to talk to you about something other than ‘how did you sleep last night’.  And besides, you said you liked to cook.”

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