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The Bean Balance -- 03/30/2011

A very hungry hunter has his bow pulled back tightly. He focuses on his target with narrowed eyes and adrenaline courses through his veins making his heart beat rapidly.  Did you see a scenario like this on the way home from work, or the grocery store today?  Of course not!  Modern food hunting is more like stopping to ask, “Can you tell me where to find fresh meat?” while pushing our slippery wheeled carts along slick floors. 

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68 Cents -- 03/23/2011

I’ve been talking about fats for a while now, so I think I will turn to a subject which is naturally fat free. Catch your interest?  If that makes you really happy, try to remember that there are good fats and bad fats, and good fat is essential for life!  But this new ingredient we are discussing has none of it.  What is lacks in fat benefits though, it more than makes up for by being possibly one of the most perfect foods on the face of the earth.

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Eyes Can’t See It- Silent Inflammation -- 03/08/2011

President Bush was the first president to have his C_reactive protein levels checked during his annual “state of the president’s health” exam.  (1)  It is such a new discovery that most of us have not had our own levels checked.  What does it matter?  It matters because it is like candy wrappers hidden in your child’s room, or smoke slithering out under a closed door…it tells you what you cannot, or have not yet seen. 

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