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Water in Your World? -- 05/24/2011

Back in January I did a small series on the four “Table Legs” of Orange Tree Lane, or four foundational changes I think many of us need to make in order to enjoy better health.  Now June the half way marker is right around the corner, and I’m wondering, have any of you made a change in how much water you are drinking?  We’ve probably had the last rain of Spring and can be expecting steadily rising temperatures throughout the summer, and that will bring an increasing awareness of thirst while we swim and play in the sun. It’s fun to play in water, but the water we take INSIDE interacts with every cell in your body and is crucial for numerous life- sustaining interactions. Are you getting enough?

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Fat Flusher- Part 2 -- 05/19/2011

How do you neutralize a free radical?  You give it what it wants…another electron…and then it will quiet down like a toddler with a sucker.  That is why we love anti-oxidants, because they have lots of suckers, or extra electrons to share that is.  One awesome, “sucker sharing” antioxidant is the molecule called glutathione (glue-ta-thigh-on) which is manufactured, used to neutralize free radicals, and is then recycled by your body.  While many antioxidants are present outside of the cells, this one is present inside every single cell.

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Your Liver the” Fat Flusher” -- 05/12/2011

A certain book caught my eye the other day at the store. It was Dr. Anne Louise’s New York Times bestseller “The Fat Flush Plan”, and as a 40 something woman, “fat flush” anything gets a second look from me.  If only it could be that easy!

I did a little research on her prognosis, and really, it sounds like common sense.  Basically, your liver is involved in roughly 400 bodily functions each day.  The one we all seem to have some idea about is its blood cleaning and filtering responsibilities, and it is here that we can apparently help it flush fat better.

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Oh Canada! -- 05/05/2011

Oh Canada!...I have discovered your hidden gem called Vancouver, and now I can’t wait to go again. Guess who is the world’s largest exporter of green peas? That’s right, Canada knows a good green thing when they see it. If you’ve looked at the menu already you will see an abundance of green peas in two of the photos. Like me, you may have thought wrongly for many years that peas are starchy, and therefore a more fattening vegetable than something like the venerable broccoli.  On top of that, they are sweet, so we are deceived into thinking that they couldn’t possibly be as healthy as something more serious,  like onions.  Fresh back from Canada myself, I am excited to show to set the record straight concerning beautiful and delicious Canadian export, peas.

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