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An Evening in Urgent Care -- 06/22/2011

AWWW!  Peace turns to sudden movement and panic, repressed cries, screen door falling off the track and confusion.  Someone has gotten a splinter.  Trust me, I felt foolish entering “splinter” on the form at urgent care under the section “reason for visit”, but this wasn’t just any splinter.  Two hours of soaking in hot water, mini surgery at the kitchen table with flashlight, nail scissors, safety pin, tweezers and a very sharp pocket knife.  By this time the little finger is puffy, red, swollen and tender to the touch from the lumber invasion and subsequent torture to remove it.

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My Stunning Success -- 06/17/2011

This morning I compressed a week’s worth of self revealing statements and candidly bestowed them upon my dear husband as he was gulping down his last bites of breakfast while running out the door.  Unfortunately, my disappointments, fears and concerns, which might have sounded okay with a few casual remarks thrown in between them, must have felt like a bite of food with way too much salt based on the look that came over his face. 
So I worry too much, and I tend to look on the “but this could reasonably and possible happen” side rather than the bright side.  Don’t go worrying about me now because, as usual, just talking about it to someone who isn’t concerned at all was very helpful.  But now that you know me better, you might be surprised by the feelings that came over me while viewing my dilapidated garden later that day.

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Let Me Brainwash You -- 06/08/2011

I met a nice woman on my walking trail early this morning who actually looked up and smiled when our paths crossed.  “I’ve lost 12 pounds lately”, she said, so I gave her a deserving high five.  Apparently her motivation to start walking regularly came from a diagnosis of hypertension, and exercise became an important part of her “medicine” rather than the pills her doctor wanted to prescribe.

According to the American Diabetes Association, having hypertension, or high blood pressure, is something to be concerned about because it raises your risk for heart attack, the number one killer in the United States.  Two of their recommendations for avoiding and healing this malady are…

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Lose Weight and Find Your Swimsuit Body -- 06/03/2011

Caught your eye,  didn’t I?  Are you dreading it or are you planning a crash diet?  You know diets don’t work, ever, because if you don’t change your eating patterns forever then you will one day be back where you started, or even worse off.  Here at Orange Tree Lane three of the five resident taste testers have been shedding a few extra pounds lately without dieting or any other drastic measures.  Just taking a different perspective on food can be powerful!  Let me share with you some of the perspective changes that have been making a difference for us.

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