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Golden Years Walking Buddies -- 07/28/2011

Here is a test to determine if you are a nutrition nut like me.  Did you get excited last week when you saw that one cup of kale provides 1,327% of your recommended daily allowance for vitamin K?  If you did , we will likely be out there taking mountain hikes together in our seventies,  so I need your phone number. 

I thought about that number 1,327 all week; couldn’t get it off my mind.  Maybe it’s because I constantly look up numbers like that for different foods and I have never come across one even close to that.  So what will my body do with all of that abundance of vitamin K ingested when I eat fresh kale?

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An Ode to Kale -- 07/22/2011

Let me tell you something easy to do, and then something hard to do.  It’s easy to go a whole week without buying or cooking a bundle of kale, collard, greens or spinach.  The difficult thing to do is getting motivated to get a cutting board out to prepare leafy greens to eat.  So why should we bother?  You might be thinking “They’re good for us”,  “They have fiber”, or “They have lots of vitamins”. These answers are a good start, but I firmly believe that better understanding creates better motivation, so let’s talk greens.

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New Discovery for Me -- 07/14/2011

When I was young there were only two things I had ever encountered that I did not want to eat…eggplant and mushrooms.  If you’ve had both of these you might remember the spongy texture of both; euwh! All of you Egglant Parmesan lovers out there will probably never understand, but I can assure you that my revulsion was very real.  A few light years forward into adulthood, and this person who has spent probably hours picking mushrooms out of food is now posting two recipes that include a good number of mushrooms.  What happened?

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Cinnamon Rolls, Vacation and Fiber? -- 07/07/2011

Vacation is not good for diets.  It’s good for relaxation, relationship building and memory making, but not diets.  As a case in point, yesterday on a mini-motorcycle vacation with my husband I had the world’s (my world) best cinnamon roll ever, followed by pizza for dinner and fresh apple topped French toast and homemade granola for breakfast. So are we going to sit here and cry about it? Absolutely not, because it’s ok…it doesn’t matter.

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I Like Yes Better than No -- 07/02/2011

Any restriction on food, whether it’s is my own doing or outward circumstances like camping, makes me want it all the more passionately.  Therefore, simply restricting what I eat can be counter productive, and sometimes makes things worse than before.

Answer?  I have started to think that it is more powerful to spend your time adding the things you should eat rather than trying to eliminate those you shouldn’t.

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