The other day one of my kids wrote on the family master calendar, “(His name) is Awesome Day”.  That kind of spunk deserved a door covered with post it notes detailing his awesome qualities as a person and acknowledgment of his valuable contributions to mankind thus far.  His response…“You mean if I put something on that calendar it happens?!” Now wouldn’t that be awesome if I really had something like that in my kitchen? Everyone wants a genie lamp, me included. “Dinner is made, house is clean, I’m at the spa…that would be really nice.  But the harsh realities of life won’t quit, and quite frankly, I can tell little lamps or bottles all day that something is done, but you and I both know it won’t be unless I get to working on it.  But he did get his “Awesome Day” because by writing it down it took on the almost magical power produced by planning ahead.

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Bean Sleeping In? -- 08/18/2011

Our life is about to change; drastically.  Breakfast at 6:15, healthy and durable bag lunches ready by 7:00, and then they are probably going to still want dinner at night too!  I knew there was something more than just sleeping in that I like about summer.  But this year, I am resolved to bring some order to my daily chaos in the kitchen.  First of all, I am going to plan ahead (gasp) for more than just dinner, and have those ingredients waiting for me so I can do more than just hope something is in the refrigerator when I roll out of bed.  Secondly, in my planning I am going to save time by finding ways to make last night’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch that will 1) taste good, 2) keep it’s shape in a backpack, and 3) won’t kill anyone after being in a warm locker for a few hours.

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Snakes in the Grass -- 08/15/2011

It was a fateful decision to go across that field; I haven’t felt my adrenaline pumping like that in a good while.  I don’t want to exaggerate, but as a city girl I found myself in very unfamiliar and uncertain territory, with the possibility of snakes under every foot fall, and most importantly, my beloved mother behind me following my lead.  “Let’s stroll down the road a bit while they fish” became “Lets turn aside here and find the pond mentioned on that sign”, and the then the fateful “Well, we can see them across this field so let’s cross it to the river’s edge and work our way back that way.” 

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Conviction -- 08/05/2011

“What are we going to do today to cause ourselves pain?”  I’ve been asked this question daily in the past week by a visiting family member who is firmly convinced of his need for daily, strenuous exercise.  At this point I am going to just take a bath in epsom salts and survive today’s challenge, whatever it is.  He and I are fortunate that he has caught me in a season where I am willing to be his training partner in torture because frankly, I don’t always feel so agreeable about exercise.  I get tired, schedule stressed, and completely disinterested for whole blocks of time.  How can I protect my motivation, and what can you and I do to get out of an apathetic slump if we’re in one?  It is my conviction that our good health depends on it.

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