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Time for Some Vitamin A -- 09/22/2011

Have you ever thought about all of the things surrounding us daily which were made expressly to save us time? Probably the largest time saver is a car. (Picture walking to the grocery store nearest your house daily and carrying back a few bags!) Clothes on the hanger save you from hunching over a sewing machine, and electricity greatly increases the amount of time you can act like the sun is still out illuminating your activities.  Though we have lots of things to help us save time, there just never seems to be enough of it to finish our checklist, so more of it is what I want to help you save today in the kitchen.

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Stealth Nutrient -- 09/15/2011

We have a local pet store called Kahoots which sells the full spectrum of pets including those for a farm.  My jr. high age son called it KaHOOTERs of course because we were there to pick up some chicks, literally.  Don’t you just love a clever 13 year old?  Anyhow, we picked out five new ones to add to our hen family of older egg layers, and one day they will give us glorious,  fresh, nutrient packed free-range eggs.  In the picture you see they had just been moved from a small container to Taj ma Cage and they were expressing their joy by “flap flying”, or getting just a little bit of lift while they scuttle along flapping their baby wings.

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Outside the Comfort Zone -- 09/08/2011

Sometimes for work my husband has to “pull” public records from the county courthouse.  During a busy time he asked to me to do this errand for him, and then he was gone. I had an address and two case numbers with names.  When you pull records are you removing them from a tight space?  Come on now, this is a far cry from my sweet little kitchen in suburbania.

My first debacle downtown was going down a one way street the wrong way, and of course there was a police officer standing on the corner just waiting for me.  I threw my hand up over my mouth and looked mortified in an attempt to solicit sympathy, and I guess it worked, or else I looked too stupid to bother because she shook her head and waved me on.

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