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One Small Step -- 10/28/2011

Going for a run from my house always ends straight uphill because I live at the top of a very long, ever ascending road.  One day I hope to run the whole thing without stopping, but for now I manage in increments, like “just to that mailbox”, or “to the edge of that next driveway.”  It’s absolutely amazing to me how this works!  When I chop this daunting hill into smaller pieces I start winning,  and winning makes me want to keep going.  When I reach the mailbox or the driveway I think, “Yeah, I did it!” , and then, “Maybe I can go just one small section longer!” 

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Sticky Melons, Sticky Plaque -- 10/19/2011

I have something very simple and exciting to talk about today. Before I get started though, I want to tell you about something I learned in the produce section of my grocery store. If you ask someone who works in produce about a particular fruit or vegetable, they usually seem pleased you asked. I saw a large pile of honeydew melons which looked out of place to me because they are summer fruits.  I just can’t stand a bland or mealy melon, so I asked a young woman I saw organizing the plums if she could vouch for the melons because I didn’t want to buy one and then throw it all to the chickens.

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OK for Bones -- 10/13/2011

Let’s say the K in “OK” stands for vitamin K, but then what would the O be…octomom, orangutang, obliterate? Don’t laugh, those were the first three O words that came to mind. None of the above. K stands for vitamin K, but I’m pairing it with the O in OK so that you will remember that vitamin K and Osteocalcin (protein “O”) work together as a team to build your bones.  Protein O’s job it is to build the frames that calcium fills, and this is our bone mass.  But protein O is completely dependent upon Vitamin K in order to do its work, and so there you have it,  Team O.K.  You don’t have to worry about protein O because it is readily available, but vitamin K must be consumed in order to be adequately present in the body.

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A 6 lb. Stealth Intruder -- 10/07/2011

The other day my daughter and I went to Old Town for a little tour of California history. There was an ancient scale outside of the 1886 pipe and tobacco shop which required 25 cents to render your weight. Without a care in the world I dug out some quarters from my purse and my daughter stepped on. “Oh, the usual”, she said after looking at where the dial landed. Although its been about a month, I am still trying to recover from the final landing place of my own dial, farther around the semi circle of numbers than I have ever seen it when not pregnant. If I had food in my mouth at the time I would have choked on it.

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