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I RECEIVED Presents, but CHOOSE Health -- 12/28/2011

Here are a few things I had no control over this holiday season… what came inside all the pretty wrapped boxes, the weather, the fact that one of our chickens woke us up at 4 am with a “cocka doodle doo”, the number of shoppers out there on the 23rd competing for my parking spaces, to name a few. What I did have control over was the number of sticky buns and cranberry cookies I ate after making them, the play I chose to take my husband to, the simple vegetable meals I ate to compensate for extra holiday feasting and the water I was sure to drink all day long. I didn’t get to choose my height, talents, or family, but I do get to choose what I eat, and what I eat will determine to a great extent how I will feel, my energy level, and my overall vitality.

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Red Means Christmas! -- 12/16/2011

Creative people like to shake things up, evidenced by the fact that I relinquished control over the Christmas tree and it is now sporting very untraditional midnight blue, teal and pink balls and sparkly strings of pink beads. Ba humbug!  There’s just something about the red balls nestled in the green boughs that compensates for the relative lack of significant southern California weather change to help bring in the feel of the season.  Fortunately there is another red sphere that shows up at this time of year, and for years its arrival has been a seasonal pleasure for my whole family. (No, I’m not talking about santa’s red covered belly!)

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Aliens at the Market -- 12/08/2011

NASA thinks they may have discovered an alien life form at Mono Lake.  Our imagination would love for it to be an adorable E.T. like creature who crash landed his spaceship there, but it isn’t so.  Actually, it’s a bacteria that seems to thrive with arsenic when all other forms of life do the opposite. (1)  We’ve been looking for aliens outside of our planet, but is life that plays according to different rules right here among us, at the market?

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Protein Building Blocks -- 12/01/2011

A friend of our family came to dinner one time when the kids were small and proceeded to build a magnificent parking structure with the large sized lego blocks he found strewn on the floor.  For some reason, a picture of him with this masterpiece on his lap and a huge smile on his face is forever burned in my memory. 

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