Blog - “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”- Table Leg #3

“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”- Table Leg #3 -- 01/26/2012

A little girl on Long Island in New York was walking on thin ice chasing a little puppy who got away.  It became too thin to support her weight and only her screams heard by someone in a home nearby saved her life.  A brave NYC cop named Matthew crawled on his stomach to get her, and a fireman scooped up the errant puppy. (1) So what does this have to do with carrots, and cabbage and such?  You might say that many of us are walking on thin ice in regards to our fruit and vegetable consumption.  You might feel safe enough, but what is holding you up, or what is keeping the health you now enjoy from being compromised in the future?  The “ice” beneath your feet may be thinner than you realize.  Are you chasing puppies and not paying attention?

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Forget “Molly Maid”, Get Fiber Maid -- 01/19/2012

Pictures haunt me; at least some do.  You can tell me forever about difficult situations people are living in around the world and I will try my best to care, but when you show me a picture of someone’s face and I can see their soul through their eyes, then you have me hooked. The other day an audiologist showed me live footage of my inner ear and I was fascinated by it because seeing it with my own eyes transformed the idea of an “inner ear” into a visual reality.  Pictures can motivate, communicate, teach and inspire in a matter of seconds…

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What’s Holding Up Your Table? -- 01/12/2012

A king wrapped in ermine slams his jewel covered hand down hard on the round table, sending ominous title waves of pulsating anger up like a serpent to slither through the rafters and around the heads and necks of all the warriors assembled in the great hall. “We will conquer all!” he bellows while bringing his other hand down flat on the majestic surface….and then it crashes to the ground crushing his royal left foot, much to the shock and consternation of all present.

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A Deal That Won’t Disappoint -- 01/04/2012

Into the plastic black yard bag they went… the “fantastic NFL sweatshirt” that wore like a limp, tattered old flag, the teacher recommended novel that is so bad I feel guilty giving it away, or the fingernail polish paint pen that I could only create blobs with on my freshly painted fingernails. If you clean out your closets I’m pretty sure you will also find some things that were supposed to be a fantastic deal but ended up being a disappointment because of false advertising or a bad recommendation.  I promise I will not do that to you today.  I want to tell you a little about beans, and I promise that they will not disappoint.

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