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To Life! -- 02/23/2012

Right behind my computer on a counter top sits a large aquarium inhabited by two, very small desert tortoises.  In September they started scratching endlessly in the sand and then they disappeared into a little burrow for a long winter nap.  But winter is busy winding itself up, so we helped them wake up with a bath in some slightly warm water to help them rehydrate right away.  Another sign of the season change is the jasmine bushes someone had the foresight to plant next to the trash cans on the side of our house. Once a year it is an absolute delight to go hang out by the trash cans and breath in their magnificent perfume mingling with the sweet smell of orange blossoms budding on the trees.  Lacrosse practice has started, my cumquat tree is covered with almost ripe fruit and the little sticks left on the pruned rose bushes are blooming with dark green and red leaves.  Spring is coming!

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Omega 3:  The Crucial “End” -- 02/18/2012

Imagine trying to have a relationship without an arm.  Yes, you can imagine it being done, and probably very well even though you may not know someone personally in that situation.  What about eyes, or feet, or knees? Yes, yes, yes, but what about a brain, or a heart?  Gotcha there.  An article on Fox News today about country music legend Glen Campbell’s fight with Alzheimer’s states that 10 million Americans today are fighting the same fight and that it is now the battle most feared next to cancer.
Maybe that’s why omega 3 oil is called “omega”, or Greek for “the end” because life would be impossible to carry on without it.  The synapse connections in your brain that enable communication between brain cells are 60% made up of the omega 3 fatty acid DHA.  If your diet is deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, then how is that affecting you?

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You’ve Been Paged -- 02/09/2012

When I was in high school a really high tech gadget called a pager came on the market and onto the waistband of every really “cool” person.  Anyone born after 1975 would probably read this and picture a cave man with a pager clipped onto his or her animal hide diaper, but in all reality, this was cutting edge technology… almost just yesterday. My point? Only 30 years later we would be lost without full phone and computer contact with us everywhere we go.  Things change so quickly.
In that context, think about our food supply. Before the advent of industrialized farming close to 70 years ago, our food supply was naturally more organic because of where and how it was grown. Produce purchased at the little corner market came from Farmer Bill in the next town over,...

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Eating Like a Kardashian- Table Leg #4 -- 02/04/2012

I was shocked, absolutely shocked. I thought the Kardashian reality show would really be about them, but instead I found a humiliated ex olympian pretending to be surprised by pooping chickens relocated to his million dollar bath tub, while his overly made up, adult step family lounged around the family room downstairs looking at each other…in the middle of the day.  They talked about inane, scripted things that made them look so stupid I don’t know how they live it down in their other real life. If you thought the “fairytale wedding” was a farce, their “reality” show epitomizes form (the appearance of value) over substance (actual value) at it’s Hollywood best.

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