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Making Chocolate Bread from Pulp -- 06/29/2012

Food to me is a constant source of fascination, and putting it together in meaningful ways is a never ending source of creative necessity, the kind of challenge I love! I could go paint pictures or write a story, but then what would we all eat? So for now it is my creative outlet.  Beautiful food is not one of my strengths, but good tasting food…well I’‘ve been getting some very nice compliments from the taste testers. What makes cooking food so interesting to me is that there are so many different things going on at the same time. In the game of Scrabble letter tiles have to make sense together, fit with other letters already on the board, and have the most points for the highest score. (I love that game!) With cooking the challenges that intertwine are to find recipes that:
1) taste good

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Not Your Intimate Friend -- 06/15/2012

I proposed a few weeks ago that Sugar needs to be defended rather than simply vilified.  But then I explained how “She” is being held increasingly responsible by some very credible sources for some of the most serious health problems we live with and die from like diabetes and heart disease, internal inflammation and even cancer.  So how can we enjoy her joyful personality in our lives without getting burned by her dark side?  I suggest that we take a more honest and careful assessment of how much she is already in our lives and then work out a healthier relationship.  We can enjoy her sometimes, but for most of us she is like a guest who has been invited over just a bit too much.  It’s time to draw some healthy boundaries for the good of all.

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Sugar Sleuth -- 06/07/2012

My youngest promoted from junior high school today…on to the big leagues now! He’s not one to make anything in the kitchen because he never needs to, but he just now asked me where the sugar is. Is he making cookies because I haven’t made anything sweet while writing these blogs and he’s getting desperate?  (I may need to work on the that happy balance thing.)  Or could it be sister’s birthday in a few days, and she always makes something sweet as a gift for her brothers?  Are you even considered a year older if you didn’t eat sugar at some point to celebrate?  Then there are the cravings.  Late afternoons are dangerous times for me, and if I haven’t eaten enough in the day, LOOK OUT!  As I ramble on about Sugar and me, why don’t you take a moment to contemplate your own relationship?

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To the Rescue of an Old Friend- Part 2 -- 06/02/2012

What better day than National Donut Day, first day of June, to finish what I started last week in defense of my friend Sugar?  She is apparently your friend too.  From 1915 to 1980 the average daily consumption of sugar rose from 15 to 75 pounds of sugar. Fast forward early 2000s,  Americans added 15 pounds making it 90 lbs. of sugar annually (while other reports cite 150 lbs.) In that same time obesity more than doubled from 1 in 7 to 1 in 3 and incidence of diabetes more than doubled from 6 million to 14 million.  One study claims that as of 2011 we are adding to that sugar pile at the astounding rate of 20 teaspoons (77 grams) each day, and that is without the natural sugars found in fruit, vegetables and milk.  That is double or triple the USDA recommendation of teaspoons per day to protect your health. (1)  Is this just the sweet fellowship of Sugar and her adoring social circle, or is there a sinister undertone we would be wise to take a look at?

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