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Doctors in the Kitchen -- 07/18/2012

What do a mechanic who drives a car spewing black smoke out the tailpipe, a psychologist whose personal relationships are in tatters, and an overweight, bleary- eyed doctor all have in common?  If you really believe something is true, then you have to show it by how you live.  Our mechanic should drive a car in good repair, a psychologist should have healthy relationships, and a doctor should know how to maintain a healthy body.  Apparently the logic here is starting to register with the medical community, and I for one am really happy to hear about it.

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Urgent Care for Inflammation -- 07/07/2012

AWWW!  Peace turns to sudden movement and panic, repressed cries, screen door falling off the track and confusion.  Someone has gotten a splinter.  Trust me, I felt foolish entering “splinter” on the form at urgent care under the section “reason for visit”, but this wasn’t just any splinter.  Two hours of soaking in hot water, mini surgery at the kitchen table with flashlight, nail scissors, safety pin, tweezers and a very sharp pocket knife.  By this time the little finger is puffy, red, swollen and tender to the touch from the lumber invasion and subsequent torture to remove it.

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