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Want to Be a W.O.C.M. Like Me? -- 08/16/2012

For those of us with kids at home, here we go again. I think the biggest challenge of the school year for me is keeping myself and everyone else disciplined and on schedule. When I was a kid, being home after 9 months of school made me feel like something important was probably happening somewhere else and I was missing it, at home.  Now I relish waking up not sure what I will do that day. This summer in the midst of this hedonistic relaxation, I started to notice that if my boys were home when lunch time came around they would open the refrigerator and pull out a carrot, or an apple, but making a meal to eat never crossed their minds.

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“Faster, Higher, Stronger” -- 08/02/2012

I can’t read the Olympic motto without picturing a coach shaking with passion and excitement as he inspires his athletes to push themselves to their physical limits, past their perceived end of physical strength or endurance.  Kind of like me running up the hill I live on. OK, there might be some drama missing if you aren’t me and don’t know how hard it is to run up my hill, but never the less, I’m going to spew out that motto with every ounce of breath I have left next time I get to the mailbox where I always stop. And then I’m going to try to press on to the next driveway so that one day I will make it all the way to where it levels off, and then eventually all the way up to my house.  In the mind movie of my life in which I star, this will be the Olympics.

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