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D Natural Flu Buster -- 10/21/2012

Yesterday I was sitting in a group along with a little five year old boy who looked rimmed eyes and a persistent cough.  I encouraged him to drink lots of water because at the moment that was all I could do. I found myself later that night with a group of college aged kids and one of the boys and a very similar, miserable sounding cough that just wouldn’t quit.  This time I was in my own house so I made him a hot cup of camomile tea sweetened with a big spoon of unpasteurized honey.  While so many signs of the season are beautiful, like rainbow colored trees and decorated stores, this winter change of headaches, runny noses and painful coughing is much less welcome.  There are as many home and professional remedies for colds and flu as the day is long, but what is the most natural way to fight the common cold or flu?

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CORRECTION for 92064 Article -- 10/04/2012

Hello healthy cooks,
If you saw my recipe page in the October issue of 92064 Magazine, I want to be the first to tell you that somehow the amount of broth didn’t make it to the ingredient’s list!  It is 1 3/4 cup of broth, so tell anyone you know who saw it and use it yourself to make Amazing Enchiladas!  Ever have one of those days?

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