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“OK” for Bones -- 01/27/2013

Let’s say the K in “OK” stands for vitamin K, but then what would the O be…octomom, orangutang, obliterate? Don’t laugh, those were the first three O words that came to mind. None of the above. K stands for vitamin K, but I’m pairing it with the O in OK so that you will remember that vitamin K and Osteocalcin (protein “O”) work together as a team to build your bones.  Protein O’s job it is to build the frames that calcium fills, and this is our bone mass.  But protein O is completely dependent upon Vitamin K in order to do its work, and so there you have it,  Team O.K.  You don’t have to worry about protein O because it is readily available, but vitamin K must be consumed in order to be adequately present in the body.

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Warm Greens for Cold Days -- 01/13/2013

I threw another thick blanket on top of my comforter this week and snuggled under it feeling like the most blessed person in the world to be able to shut out the stinging cold front that has taken over our usually balmy, Mediterranean weather.  In the kitchen I have just wanted to make something that would come out seaming hot from the oven or under the lid of a cast iron skillet on the stove above.  Most of us are used to getting our daily greens from a fresh salad, but how often have you tried the insanely nutritious, darker and heavier leaves like kale, collard greens and chard? This blistery week I made a casual challenge to myself to use them in some way every day, and I think I made it!  What do the taste testers have to say about that you ask? They are indeed three regular, hamburger loving teenagers and one active adult male who likes the usual fare.

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One Thousand Gifts -- 01/01/2013

A book from a friend has caught my attention because it’s wisdom is as old as the hills, and just as solid. A woman who experienced the tragic death of her little sister when young finds herself with six of her own, but still unable to experience true joy in life. Her introspective journey takes her to the healing realization   that happiness and joy don’t lie around the corner waiting for her in a perfect life yet to come. Rather, it already exists right under her nose when she begins the habit of practicing thankfulness for all that she already has.

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