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Stealth Nutrient

We have a local pet store called Kahoots which sells the full spectrum of pets including those for a farm.  My jr. high age son called it KaHOOTERs of course because we were there to pick up some chicks, literally.  Don’t you just love a clever 13 year old?  Anyhow, we picked out five new ones to add to our hen family of older egg layers, and one day they will give us glorious,  fresh, nutrient packed free-range eggs.  In the picture you see they had just been moved from a small container to Taj ma Cage and they were expressing their joy by “flap flying”, or getting just a little bit of lift while they scuttle along flapping their baby wings.

Their food is specially fortified with extra protein because for the next six weeks or so it is time warp growing time.  I’ve got a few teenagers who are doing the same thing, although it would be so much cheaper if they could just eat some of that chicken feed!  Since that won’t happen, I want to share with you one of the supplements I give to them for extra growing, protein power and they don’t even know it!  That is because nutritional yeast is what I call a stealth supplement.  It dissolves so quickly in liquid that the need for a long discussion about how good it is for you, or how “I know best even if you doubt it so just eat it” just never comes up.

Nutritional yeast is grown on nutrient dense molasses or beets; a flaky, yellow powder with a slightly cheesy taste.  As I was talking to a friend the other day, she rightly stated that it sounds like something to put in savory dishes as opposed to sweet.  That is true, and it is so easy to do!  I add anywhere from ¼-3/4 cup to dishes using ground meat of any kind, always add it to broth, and have even been known to slip it in a cheese sauce.  My taste testers always think there is something even better about the taste of these entrees, but they just can’t figure out what it is. You know, the stealth nutrient!

This week it is used to enhance the flavors in Crock Pot Meat and Vegetables, but you can also hide it with the canned salmon over salad, and slip some into the Feta Chicken Pasta sauce. And don’t worry about upsetting your system with extra yeast because there are no live cultures here, just 18 digestible amino acids, a rich supply of NATURAL (not synthetic)  vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid.  And did I mention the minerals?

More stealth moves:

-Toss it with hot popcorn along with whatever else you usually put on it.
-Add to crambled eggs.
-Gives soup broth just a touch of cheese flavor, and you can use lots!
- Adds some zip to vinegar and oil over salad.
- Add to the toppings on garlic bread or to mayonnaise on a sandwich.
-Or take a dose between meals by dissolving 1 Tablespoon into some water.

Have fun experimenting, and inspire me by adding a comment on the side here if something works well for you.

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PS- You can find nutritional yeast at most health food grocery stores, usually next to the protein powders, but sometimes in the bulk section too.

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