Cheesy Chicken Potato Soup- (paired recipe)
Time Required: 15 (20 min. total)

In the interest of saving time this week we have combined two recipes so that what you do for the first gets you far ahead on the second.  Sound good?  We call this a paired recipe, and this one teams up with “Crock Pot Bar-B-Q Chicken” to save you time.  If you decide not to make the crock pot chicken, directions for making this soup alone are at the end.


3 carrots -- scrubbed and chopped 1/2' pieces
2 stalks celery -- cut 1/2" square pieces
1 onion -- chopped 1/2" pieces
3 cup(s) chicken broth
1/2 tsp salt
2 cup(s) cubed potato(es) -- chopped 1/2" pieces
paired recipe leftovers -- "Crock Pot Bar-B-Q Chicken"
1 1/2 cup(s) shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup(s) cream -- OPTIONAL


Prep Work: Cut carrots, celery and onion; store together.  Cube potatoes and store separately.

1.  In good sized cooking pot, saute carrots, celery, onion and a few tsp. of grapeseed or olive oil. Cook just until beginning to soften, approx. 5 min.

2.  Add broth and potatoes, and simmer until potatoes are tender; approx. 5 min.

3.  Add paired recipe leftovers, cutting any large pieces of chicken or potato into bite sized chunks; heat through.  Salt and pepper to taste.

4.  Serve bowls of soup with some grated cheese on top and a bit of cream.  Complete the dinner with a small, fresh green salad.

UNPAIRED RECIPE: Cook or buy cooked chicken; approx. 4 oz. per serving.  Shred or cube meat.  Double potatoes in this recipe.  Add the extra potatoes to simmer in step #2, and then add chicken as well after potatoes are tender.

  (inspired by “Simmer and Serve! 7 No-Fuss Soups”)”)


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