Blake’s Shake
Time Required: 5 (5 total)

During strawberry season fresh berries can be frozen with their tops on. See the OTL tutorial for grinding flax seed into meal if that is a new idea.  Anyone with a sensitivity to sugar should use 100% cranberry juice and sweeten it with stevia liquid drops.


2 cup(s) chopped spinach -- washed
4-5 frozen strawberries -- leave tops on if freezing fresh berries
1/4 cup(s) whey based protein powder --
1 cup(s) cranberry juice
2 tbsp flax seed -- ground to meal
1/4 cup(s) yogurt -- plain
1/4 cup(s) peanut butter -- optional
1/4 cup(s) coconut milk


1.  Add all ingredients to blender and blend.  Use more coconut milk if needed to loosen up the shake to your liking.

Sweeteners:  Everyone is looking for a different level of sweetness for their shakes, so add honey or liquid stevia a tablespoon or drop at a time until it is just right for you.


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