Time Required: 5 (5 min. total)

You can hardly call this a “recipe”, but then again, follow the directions and you will have a treat that wasn’t there before you started. Add this to your bag of tricks for desserting on healthy ingredients while satisfying that urge for something sweet.


2 banana(s) -- cut into 1/2" circles
cocoa powder
raw sugar


1. Cut bananas into a bowl with deep sides.  Sprinkle an equal amount of the cocoa and sugar over them and then add as much cinnamon as you like.

2.  Shake bowl gently to coat bananas on all sides.  Sprinkle shaved chocolate over top if desired.

- add equal amount of ground flax to bowl before shaking
- eat in a bowl with a fork
-add some whipped cream
-top whole yogurt sweetened with a bit of honey
-eat over ice cream
-shave chocolate over top of any of the above suggestions (shown in picture)

OTL 2011


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