Chocolate Protein Bars
Time Required: 10 (1 hr total)

Maybe it was the light breakfast and forgetting to eat lunch while doing errands; whatever, I wish I had remembered to put a few of these in my purse the other day when I felt faint!  Protein powder, oats, yogurt, peanut butter, honey and flax meal combine to make a delicious little 12 grams of protein “pick me up” for after sports or on the run. This recipe makes 18 delicious chocolate treats. For those with a sweet tooth you can throw in some extras. (see end)


3/4 cup(s) shredded coconut -- or replace with granola
1/2 cup(s) flax seed -- ground to meal
2 cup(s) oats -- or granola
1/2 cup(s) cocoa powder
1 1/2 cup(s) whey based protein powder -- chocolate adds more flavor
6 tbsp honey
10 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 tsp stevia powder -- 1 packet = 1/4 tsp
14 tbsp plain yogurt -- NOT thin European style, 1/2 cup=8 Tbsp., be exact here!


1.  Sprinkle half of coconut (or granola) in baking pan.

2.  In mixing bowl combine flax, oats, cocoa powder, protein powder, honey, peanut butter and stevia and mix to combine well. Add yogurt slowly, mixing as you go. Batter should be very thick and stiff, and it is better to leave a few tablespoons of yogurt out than to make the batter too thin. Batter must cling tightly to the beater and the sides of the bowl, causing you to use a large spoon or scraper to get it all out.  If it gets too thin, add a little more oatmeal, ground flax, or get creative and add some sunflower seeds, raisins, or to make them sweeter, chocolate chips or date pieces!

3.  Pat batter into baking dish on top of coconut (or granola), pressing down with palm of hand to flatten. (A SLIGHTLY moistened hand will help here if needed.)

4.  Sprinkle remaining coconut ( or granola) on top and press down firmly with palm of hand.  Refrigerate until hardened, approx. 50 min.

5.  Cut into 18 bars, or three rows of 6, with sharp knife and place in small ziplocks if desired.

Per Bar:
Calories   195
Carbs   18g
Fat       11g
Protein   12g

EXTRA SWEET:  Add 1/4 cup chocolate chips and 1/4 dried date pieces.

OTL 2011



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