Green Tandoori Chicken Salad
Time Required: 30 (30 min.-24 hrs. total)

Try to marinate the chicken all day or night to give it that extra favor. You can get 2 meals out of this one if you use the leftover chicken and marinade to make deliciouscalzones according to the directions provided below in MEAL EXTENDER.  Find pre-made pizza dough (Sprout’s and Trader Joe’s sell it!). Or I use sliced leftover chicken to make school sandwiches with great quality meat.


1 scallion(s)
1 garlic clove(s)
1/2 cup(s) parsley
1/3 cup(s) lemon juice
1/3 cup(s) olive oil
1/2 cup(s) plain yogurt
9 cup(s) baby spinach leaves -- or replace 1/3 with arugula
2 bosc pear(s) -- diced
1/2 cup(s) cashews
1 cup(s) snap peas -- cut into 1/2" segments.
vinaigrette (preservative free)
4 boneless chicken breasts -- put in ziplock and pound flat with smooth side ofmeat pounder


Prep Work:  Make marinade in step #1 and refrigerate chicken.  Roast cashews on stove top.  Chop snap peas.

1.  Blend first 6 ingredients in a blender for marinade.  (Set 1/2 c. marinade aside for MEAL EXTENDER calzones at end if desired.)  Pierce chicken in 5-6 places, lay in baking dish and cover with marinade, turning to cover both sides.  Cover and refrigerate up to 24 hrs. Take out and let pan warm slightly before placing in oven.

2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, cover with foil and bake 20-25 min.  (Do not over-cook as chicken dries out easily.) Check by making small slit and pulling meat apart to see if all pink color is gone and if juices run clear. (Thickest part should reach 160 degrees.)  Remove chicken from pan and let rest on a cutting board under foil tent for 10 min. before slicing. 

3.  While chicken is cooking, roast cashews on stove top in dry skillet, shaking or stirring often. 

4.  Place spinach, cashews and snap peas in salad bowl.  Chop pears and add to salad.  Toss all with vinaigrette and top with sliced chicken breast. 

MEAL EXTENDER: Green Tandoori Chicken Calzones: Find or make whole wheat pizza dough for one, medium sized pizza.  Roll out into rectangle shape, and cut down the middle and transfer both pieces to a greased baking sheet. (Use a pre-made crust if you cannot find dough and make a pizza instead of folded calzone.) Spread extra marinade within 1/2” of edges, top with shredded cheese, some Parmesan cheese and chopped, leftover chicken on half of the dough piece. Fold each piece in half, pinch edges to seal and poke a few holes in top for steam.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8-12 min.; finished when golden brown and firm to touch.  Slice to serve.


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