Jasmine Ginger Tea
Time Required: 5 (10 min. total)

This can be served hot or cold.  Both ways it has a delightful, creamy flavor and the ginger is great for digestion.


4 pieces fresh ginger -- peeled and 1/2" thick
6 jasmine tea bags
3 tbsp raw sugar -- or more to taste
1 lemon -- for zest
6 tbsp cream


1. Boil 6 c. water in a pan with lid or a tea pot. Reduce heat to simmer (lowest heat) while waiting.

2. Peel and cut fresh ginger.  Use a hand held peeler to get larger slices of lemon zest (colored part of peel); then chop into smaller pieces on cutting board.

3. Simmer ginger, tea bags, sugar, and lemon zest in hot water for about 5 minutes with lid on. 

4. Remove tea bags and lemon zest with a slotted spoon.  For hot tea serve with 1 Tbsp. cream in each cup.

5.    For iced tea, cool completely, fill glasses with ice and 1 Tbsp. cream, then pour in tea.

Solar Alternative: Put all ingredients except cream in a glass container and set in the sun for at least 8 hours.  Heat in pan if drinking hot tea. Add cream before serving.

For information about ginger:  http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/ginger-000246.htm


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