Kale Nest Eggs
Time Required: 5 (5 mins. total)

Kale chips have made a place for themselves on grocery store shelves these days. I have never been able to bake them without burning, but I imagine that my “nest” here had some of the same delicious, salty and nutty flavor of the chips. It’s a super easy way to eat a pile of greens first thing in the morning and love it!


4 cup(s) kale -- ribbed and torn into bite sized pieces
1 tbsp feta cheese
2 egg(s)


1. Pull kale from center ribs and tear into bite sized pieces.
2. Heat some cooking oil in the bottom of a frying pan, then fill the pan with kale. Stir and cook on medium heat until it wilts.
3. Push to edges and crack two eggs in center of “nest”. Turn heat to medium low and put lid on pan.
4. After eggwhites turn white, break yolk and flip just egg with spatula. Don’t worry that some of the spinach will come along for the ride.
5. Sprinkle with feta, light salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Additions: Try adding other favorite vegetables. I’ve tried adding a large handful of sprouts lately and love it! In this picture too I used a mixture of baby greens from the large Power Greens bag I get at Costco. They are even easier because there is no tough rib to tear the leaves from.

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